Conversations & Books 

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On October 26th of 2013 we will be hosting our SECOND annual East Bay Anarchist Conversation & Book event. Join Us from 10 am - 8 pm on October 26th at the Humanist Hall for this free event! Let us know if you would like to help. .


sliderAll too often political radicals, anarchist first among them, are hard for newcomers to approach. This event will rectify this in the best way possible, through face-to-face conversations..


sliderAnarchist literature is our "mass media". The Bay Area happens to have the largest purveyors of anarchist media in the country (if not the world). EB@B will be sure to have representation from all of our local anarchist literati.


sliderAnarchists wear masks everyday of their lives. We can't always fly our black flag proudly, in this capitalist, statist world of intolerance. Come to the book fair dressed as something or someone else. For one day be anything you want to be. Prizes will be given for the best costumes. And remember, black bloc is not a costume!


sliderAt the end of the day we will sing! Bring your voice and be bold and silly. Karaoke!