Fourth Annual East Bay Anarchist Bookfair

On December 5th of 2015 we will host the third annual East Bay Anarchist Bookfair where we will present the projects and people who have comprised the East Bay Anarchist community for decades. Our website is at

From the P(rogress)R(esistance) T.E.A.M.


Anarchists talk more about living than dying, but raging all around us is a debate about whether we have entered a new age, what has become known as the Anthropocene. While academics debate when this age might have started, it is beyond debate that homo sapiens have dramatically and permanently altered the planet. Despite living in an age where we are faced with the horrors of mass extinction, global climate catastrophe and the increased desperation of governments to secure resources and borders, anarchists have made few contributions to these discussions. They remain largely in the realm of scientists, academics, politics and business.

Non-anthropocentric views and values are few and far between in regional anarchist scenes. Is the “non-human” an inhuman topic? These topics are so taboo that even approaching them with other anarchists can elicit accusations of fascism, genocide apology, and counterrevolutionary armchair misanthropy. Objections of cruelty, abjection, and horror invariably accompany contemporary talk of the “non-human” aspects of our “crisis,” but do they have to? Can there be an anarchism that lives outside the box of the human social project?

Here are some ideas for discussion:

Artificial Intelligence
Built environments
Social Media
Contemporary Monster Mythos
Religious Anarchism
Mass Murder

Dates & Location
The East Bay Anarchist Bookfair will be held at the Humanist Hall ( 390 27th Street, Oakland, CA, 94612-3104 on December 5th from 10AM to 6PM. It will include conversations and books during the day.

How to request a table
The main room of the hall will house booksellers, distributors, independent presses, and activist groups from all over North America but with an emphasis on the Bay Area and California. If you’d like to table this year, provide a short description of your group and the materials you intend to distribute. The fee for tabling at the event is 10% of your sales (minimum of $40 which is due with table confirmation).

Further info about the event space, table placement, presentation locations, accessibility, child care, ASL translation and other logistical details will be added as we know and plan more.

The deadline to request a table is November 1st, 2015. Drop a line at

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