Look who’s going to be at EBAB this year!

AK Press

Anarchist Prisoner Support

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed

Artificiality Distro

Black Powder Press

C.A.L. Press

Chupacabra Distro

Cruel Hospice

Enemy Combatant Press

Fifth Estate

Free Radical Radio

Friendship As A Form of Life Distro

Little Black Cart

Modern Slavery

PM Press

S&V Publishing


Suigetsukan Dojo


The Longhaul

[TRIGGER] A Catarealist Journal


&&&& Press

There are still tables left!
How to request a table:

The main room of the hall will house booksellers, distributors, independent presses, and activist groups from all over North America but with an emphasis on the Bay Area and California. If you’d like to table this year, provide a short description of your group and the materials you intend to distribute. The fee for tabling at the event is 10% of your sales (minimum of $40 which is due with table confirmation). Drop a line at